Translating a French Wine Label

In the example label, starting at the top, it states Grand Vin de Bordeaux, While this sounds fancy, it really just means it’s one step up from a Bordeaux chateau’s lowest quality wine. Next, we see Cru Bourgeois. This designation is unique to the area this bottle came from (Médoc of the Bordeaux region) alsoContinue reading “Translating a French Wine Label”

She’s got a nice set of stems!

Having quality wine glasses and taking care of them is tantamount to a chef and his knives! -Glasses don’t have to be expensive! You can pick up a set at Tar-Zhay! -Stemless look fun, but are not functional for tasting. Holding the bowl warms up the wine and can alter the aromas. They should beContinue reading “She’s got a nice set of stems!”