Reale Cardamone, 2017

This wine is what happens when you take a list of varietals to your local wine shop. Last week, I was reading about unique Italian wines and I found Piedrosso so I noted it and kept reading. It also so happens, I hadn’t checked Piedrosso of my Wine Century Club list yet. When I went to the wine shop and gave them the list containing this varietal, they instantly pulled it off the shelf. This particular bottle is blended with Tintore, a rare dark skinned red grape grown in the Capania region along the legendary Amalfi coast. 

The winery is attached to a family run inn on the Amalfi coast. Luigi (I am absolutely loving these classic Italian names) produces a small amount of wine each year (1000 cases) from his 70+ year old native grape vines and only 2 types get exported. The Cardmone is the red blend that makes its way onto US soil.

Upon pouring a glass, I note the opaque ruby color of this blend. I get whiffs of strawberry rhubarb pie, cinnamon, and potpourri when I plunge my nose into the glass. On the palate, it starts with a pinch of red cherry, a hint of earthiness, and a smidge of white pepper. Nothing is forceful or overbearing. All the characters are playing supporting roles to the texture of the tannins and the elegance of the acid. Then, before you know it, the wine is gone from your palette and another taste must be had to reinforce the initial impressions.  

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