Gettin the Goods

The wines I have scheduled to taste throughout the year are readily available at your local wine shop or large wine retailers. Most are a bit outside the scope of a majority of grocery store wine sections. While some of them sound obscure, they are quite common. Do not be afraid of asking for assistance, the employees are there to help you. If you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area, Total Wine should have all of the selections. If I want to pick up some wine but don’t feel especially peopley that day, I either look online and put everything in my cart because their app lists the where it is located in the store or, I place my order for pick up so I just have to run in and grab it. If you would prefer to shop small, it is always fun (and if you’re anything like me, a bit dangerous!) to venture into the locally owned wine shops. Getting to know the owners can be a tremendous asset in helping select wines. I will post the tasting list a month in advance to aid in planning ahead. You may not particulary enjoy every wine (I definitely have favorites and least favorites on the list) but experimenting with ‘new to you’ wines can be a rewarding experience! If you would like a recommendation, please reach out and contact me! I’m happy to help! I want to make this as easy for everyone as possible, short of buying the wine and bringing it to your house myself…although that will probably happen occasionally also!


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