December 9th-Cream Sherry

Cream Sherry (also referred to as Medium Sherry) is our fourth in our Sherry series. Don’t let the name fool you, Cream Sherry does not have cream in it. It starts out as Oloroso but then a touch of the Pedro Ximenez (PX) grape (can be Moscatel in lower quality versions) is blended in. These grapes add a fuller texture and increase the sugar content of the wine. These grapes are sweeter because they are dehydrated a bit in the sun, which concentrates the sugar in the grape. It gets the name Medium Sherry because it is midway between Amontillado and PX (tomorrow night’s Sherry selection) in sweetness.

I decided the Osborne Cream Sherry was screaming for a cheese board. I ventured out and picked up a couple mild blue cheeses to balance the sweetness from the wine. I also threw on some duck liver pȃté for the same reason. Then I grabbed some orange fig preserves and a bland cracker to play up the other pairings. The Cream Sherry is a medium amber color with long viscous legs. It smells of dried orange peel, roasted nuts, and dates. The fuller bodied wine is sweeter than the previous styles but not sickly sweet. The sugar concentration was balanced nicely by the level of acid it contained. Let me start by stating, I am not a fan of blue cheese…at all. That being said, the Rogue Creamery blue I found was mild but still had enough flavor and salt to be exceptional when paired with the orange fig preserves and a sip of the Cream Sherry. The rich texture of the cheese was also similar to that of the Sherry. The wine also had those beautiful notes of dried citrus, most notably orange, which couldn’t have been more perfect with this wine. Then there’s the bites of roasted almonds and walnuts to snack on between sips, which are also fantastic. I would never think I’d actually finish a serving of blue cheese but I couldn’t stop snacking and sipping as I typed this!


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