Lucky Charms

Next in our breakfast cereal series is Lucky Charms! I paired the cereal with two types of wine, Beerenauslese and Ruby Port. The Ruby Port induced a very strong reaction, and it was not a good one! After I got over the initial shock of the alcohol content (which was worsened by the sugar content in the marshmallows), and my gag reflex calmed down, the port softened and became more tolerable. After the alcohol dissipated, the flavors of red fruit paired nicely with those in the marshmallows. The finish of the two on the palate was almost nice enough to go through the abuse again…but not quite! Next was the Beerenauslese. The honey notes in the wine were complementary to the mildly sweet oat cereal pieces. Then for the real surprise. Obvious hints of stone fruit and candied pineapple in the wine accentuated the fruit and cotton candy flavors in the marshmallow. It wasn’t until now that I realized how much fruit flavor was integrated into those crusty little marshmallows. Beerenauslese is the definitive winner in this category. I give that pairing a 4 out of 5! Next, I will do compare the corn cereals!


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