March 1st-Lamézia Rosso

Last week, I sampled the grape Mantonico in a Lamézia blanco blend. This week, I decided to taste a red blend from this same DOC. The red blends are a bit more complicated when it comes to possible grapes and composition. The base wine is usually 30-50% Nerello, either Mascalese or Capuccio, with Gaglioppo and/or Magliocco, and Greco Nero and/or Marsigliana. The blend can also contain other local wine grapes. The bottle I selected was a 40% blend of both Gaglioppo and Magliocco with 20% Greco Nero. Magliocco has 2 variations, Canino and Dolce, with the latter being the more common and widespread in Calabria. Gaglioppo is an ancient grape variety with its first historical mention believed to be from the 13th century by Emperor Frederic II. Gaglioppo is also used in varietal wines in Val di Neto IGT. Greco Nero is a group of Calabrian grapes that are all distinct from one another. Genetic research has shown there to be a minimum of five grapes. As you can tell from this paragraph, wine can be extremely complicated!

This week, I sampled a 2020 Statti Lamézia Rosso. This medium ruby wine had watery legs with the faintest tint of color. Aromas of black cherries, dried plums, blackberry bramble, briney green olives, and dried tobacco leaves rose from the glass as the wine interacted with the air. This dry, medium bodied wine had a significant level of acidity and well integrated tannins. It also contained moderate level alcohol. On the palate, dried black fruits were dominant with hints of violets, dried rosemary, tobacco leaves, with persistent chalky minerality on the finish. This wine should be consumed in the next few years but it can also be consumed now. While sipping my glass, I thought it would be excellent if paired with a fruit compote topped pork tenderloin, hard cheeses, or meat roasts. Perfect for those cooler winter and spring nights before warmer temperatures arrive.


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