Honey O’s

Happy Saturday morning! This morning I sat down with a bowl of Honey O’s and a few samples of wine to see who the winners and losers of breakfast cereal wine pairings would be! The wines I selected to pair with the cereal were a 2011 Bodrog Bormühely Tokaji 5 Puttonyos (Puttonyos were an indicator of the level of sweetness. Tokaji ranged from 3-7 puttonyos but the nomenclature changed in 2013), 2019 Keller Pius Beerenauslese, Non vintage Osborne Cream Sherry, and 2016 Sablettes Sauternes. I began with the Tokaji and this was definitely the strongest pairing of the bunch! This is a wine made of Furmint grapes where the grapes are left on the vine to be dehydrated by fungus. The honey and almond overtones in the wine paired nicely with the same qualities in the cereal. The cereal was sweeter than the wine so it reduced the perceived sweetness in the wine while having a balanced level of acid. Next was the Beerenauslese. This is a wine made of Riesling grapes were also dehydrated by fungus. Unfortunately, there were strong notes of apricot, candied pineapple and candied mango that overpowered the cereal. While this pairing wasn’t repulsive, it wasn’t synergistic either. The third pairing of the morning was Cream Sherry, a sweeter style of Sherry. It was, however, too dry for this application. Finally, there was Sauternes, another dessert wine, but this time made of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, that get dehydrated by that same fungus. This maintained a level of acid that was too high while the sugar was too low for this pairing to be ideal. Next time, we will look at Fruit Pebbles!


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