Fruity Pebbles

Tuesday after a long holiday weekend so I’m guessing you could use a little something lighthearted to make the week a little brighter! The next installment of the breakfast cereal pairings is Fruity Pebbles! The first wine seemed so promising in theory. It was the same Beerenauslese from the Honey O’s tasting. The bright fruit seemed like it should be great with the cereal but the wine overpowered the cereal which muted the flavors and made it seem bland (who knew something could overpower the fruit in Fruity Pebbles?!). Next was the Sauternes. This went equally as bad because the rich honey notes in the wine were far too much for the cereal to compete with. Both of these were still better than the final wine. The ruby port, which is fortified so it has a high alcohol content, was overwhelming (especially at 8am!). This was worsened by the combination of the sweetness in cereal that accentuated the warming sensation of the alcohol. This was coupled with the port being quite dry. When the food is sweeter than the wine, the wine feels thin, bland and listless. Moral of this sad story is I am still looking for a proper pairing to partner with Fruity Pebbles! Up next is Honey Smacks!


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