March 16th-Vidiano

While trying to decide what to taste this week, I came across a bottle of Vidiano tucked away in my pile of bottles (I’m a bit behind on putting bottles onto my racks…). Vidiano is a white grape variety indigenous to Crete (a Greek Isle in the Mediterranean east of mainland Greece and west of Turkey). Specifically, it originates from the center of the island around the Rethymno prefecture. One source stated the wine originated around the 13th century and was used for sweet wines. It inexplicably disappeared only to be refound about 30 years ago. The resurgence began slowly but is picking up speed. It is mainly prized for its bright, but not overpowering acidity featuring fresh fruit notes such as citrus, melon, and stone fruits, while having a rich feeling in the mouth. This all sounds like the perfect glass to sip on a warm day on the Mediterranean!

Unlike most weeks, I’m keeping this bottle corked by using my Coravin. I’m in the process of studying for a wine exam so I’m tasting a wide variety, but not drinking full bottles. This will allow the rest of the bottle to keep until I’m ready to drink it (maybe on a warm spring day in the near future!). When I poured the glass, first I noticed the Coravin causing some foam, which is not common with still wines. As it settled, I could see a minimal of petulance forming around the  base of the glass. This could be due to some secondary fermentation occurring after it was bottled. The wine was a very lemon yellow color with bright straw highlights. It was quite aromatic. The most obvious aroma was a yeasty bread note, indicative of aging on the lees (or dead yeast cells). This is essential for the making of champagne to give it a rich texture as well as the quintessential brioche notes you smell and taste with it. Again, accidental secondary fermentation could be responsible for this. After that, I got youthful aromas of green apple, lemon pith, pear, and white peach. This dry, refreshingly acidic wine had a bit of body to it. It tasted of lemon pith, baguette, white grapefruit, lemon, and white peach. The flavors made me crave a light seafood dish, I just wish scallops weren’t so difficult to come by right now! The wine lingered on the palate long after finishing each taste. Can’t wait to enjoy the rest of this bottle soon! Cheers to #176!


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