Jan 11th-Petit Rouge

Petit Rouge is a small red grape (just as the name would indicate) grown in the Italian Alps in the region Valle d’Aosta. It is believed to have been transported to the area during the fifth century when countries along the North Sea became Burgundy territories. It is a vital grape variety in the Valle d’Aosta region of northwest Italy where it is used in the production of DOC wines. Depending on the DOC, the base must be between 70-85% Petit Rouge but can be a varietal wine as well. As of the year 2000, there were a reported 294 acres under vine in Italy with this variety. It is not widely propagated anywhere else in the world.

The bottle I selected this week is a 2019 Grosjean Torrette from Valle d’Aosta that I tried recently during a tasting at my local wine shop. According to data provided from the winery, the wine was comprised of 80% Torrette, with a blend of indigenous grapes including Vien de Nus, Doucet, Furmin, and Mayolet. It was a moderate ruby color with the faintest stained legs when I swirled the glass. Aromas of stone, soil, ground coffee, potpourri, smoke, red cherry, and pomegranate were evident when I worked to find them. This wine was dry with a moderate level of alcohol and tannin. The acid content was sufficient enough to elicit a pucker. On the palate, the red cherry aromas evolved to sour cherries and were accompanied by red currants and thimbleberries. These red fruit notes lingered on the palate and occasionally reminded me of Crunch Berries from Captain Crunch. They were combined with dried rose petals, perfume and a stoney minerality. This wine was interesting and complex while remaining youthful. It would be fantastic if served with a pork roast topped with a cranberry compote or a veal milanese. 


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