Honey Smacks

In this installment of breakfast cereal wine pairings, I looked at Honey Smacks with Tokaji (a dessert wine made in Hungary), Sauternes, and Beerenauslese. Tokaji was the first experiment. This pairing fell flat due to the flavors of orange and apricots in the wine altering the flavor of the cereal in an undesirable fashion. Sauternes was next and just as disappointing. The failure for this pairing was due to the higher concentration of acid in the wine which increased the perceived sweetness in the cereal. The combination of a higher acid wine with an overly sweet cereal made for a terribly unbalanced pairing. The final wine was Beerenauslese. This wine had notes of toasted pink grapefruit that complimented the cereal nicely. There were also hints of honeysuckle, which was fantastic with the honey coating on the cereal. Of the pairings, the Beerenauslese was far and away superior to the rest of the field! The next cereal pairing will be Lucky Charms!


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