Azienda Agricola F. Tornatore Etna Rosso, 2017

I was too young, a mere 26, when I traveled to Italy. On the trip, I enjoyed far more beer than wine but I dearly wish I knew I was so close to this winery as I stood on the south slope in the lava flows. The Tornatore family has been in the winemaking industryContinue reading “Azienda Agricola F. Tornatore Etna Rosso, 2017”

Accornero Bricco del Bosco, 2017

I was armed with a computer and too much information at my fingertips and that’s how I crossed paths with the varietal Grignolino. I checked my century club list to confirm what I already knew, I needed this one! So I went to my local wine shop website and like magic there it was. IContinue reading “Accornero Bricco del Bosco, 2017”

Why Do I love Wine, Let Me Count The Ways

When I first began my serious entrance into wine, I could see it written all over my father’s face as he put together the first of my wine racks. My daughter is becoming a wineo. I look back now wonder which he would’ve preferred, me drinking the periodic box of cheap wine like my mom,Continue reading “Why Do I love Wine, Let Me Count The Ways”

Casa de Mouraz Tinto, 2015

After picking up a haul at the local of wine shop to today, I decided to uncork this one first. Casa de Mouraz is located in the quaint village of Mouraz located in Dao region of Portugal. The Dao region is just South of Porto (where Port wine is stored once it leaves the DouroContinue reading “Casa de Mouraz Tinto, 2015”

The Disservice of Wine Advent Calendars

Wine advent calendars have been a novelty for the past few years. In theory, they sound like a great idea, however, in practice, they trip and fall at the starting line. This year, I decided to try 2 different calendars from 2 separate retailers, Costco and Safeway. In doing research, they both had websites. TheContinue reading “The Disservice of Wine Advent Calendars”

Lone Madrone Sheep Camp Zinfandel, 2013

Yesterday, I unscrewed the cap from 2013 Lone Madrone Sheep Camp Zinfandel from Paso Robles. Paso is one of my favorite regions because of the quality and diversity of wines produced in the warm, Mediterranean climate. Lone is a side project of the winemaker at Tablas Creek, Neil Collins, just down the road. I wasContinue reading “Lone Madrone Sheep Camp Zinfandel, 2013”