Accornero Bricco del Bosco, 2017

I was armed with a computer and too much information at my fingertips and that’s how I crossed paths with the varietal Grignolino. I checked my century club list to confirm what I already knew, I needed this one! So I went to my local wine shop website and like magic there it was. I put it in my cart…then continued shopping becaue if I’m going to drive 30 minutes, I had to make it worth the effort. The next morning, I picked it up, along with my other selections and attepted to plan my approach.

Accornero winery doesn’t have a lot of information about itself but from what I could locate, it’s my type of place. The Accornero family has been grape growers in the Piedmont region of Italy since 1897, when the patriarch, Bartholomeo Accornerio, purchased a 20 hectare plot of land. Four generations later, they are continuing their craft.

While doing my research, I got out my trusty wine key and uncorked the bottle. Upon pouring it, I noted the pale ruby color fill the base of the glass. I then began to inhale the aromas of dried cherries, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and a slight hint of wonder white bread. The lighter bodied wine sends waves of slightly unripe red cherries and not fully sweetened cranberry juice over my palette that are rounded out by subtle notes of toast. These notes linger on the tongue long after drinking while you are left to ponder the structure of the wine (how well intertwined the tannins and acid are). This wine is lovely and is light enough while still having enough acidity, it could be paired with seafood like a pasta puttanesca.


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