February 24-California Zinfandel

I hope you faintly recall what your italian primativo from a few weeks back tasted like, because this week we have the American version. Zinfandel is a warm climate grape so it is popular in California. The most common areas to find Zinfandel are Lodi (in the Sierra Foothills) east of San Francisco, Sonoma (northContinue reading “February 24-California Zinfandel”

She’s got a nice set of stems!

Having quality wine glasses and taking care of them is tantamount to a chef and his knives! -Glasses don’t have to be expensive! You can pick up a set at Tar-Zhay! -Stemless look fun, but are not functional for tasting. Holding the bowl warms up the wine and can alter the aromas. They should beContinue reading “She’s got a nice set of stems!”

Setting the mood to taste…

If you want to be serious about tasting wine, and I’m not saying you do, you’ll want to refrain from a the following things before drinking for maximum effect -Wearing perfume or cologne -Chewing gum or breath mints (not quite as bad a toothpaste and orange juice but not good either!) -Using perfumed lotions, handContinue reading “Setting the mood to taste…”